Teach Your Child To Read -  . . . and open the door to the world
Teach Your Child To Read is for anyone who wants to learn how to teach a child to read and write.

Advice, guidance, support and training is offered to large and small groups.
If you are:
A senior management team member
A local authority leader of literacy
A teacher
A parent of a pre-school or school child
A government official concerned about literacy
A student
Considering travelling abroad and wishing to learn how to teach the skills of reading
Working in a mainstream or special school
Having a gap year
An ASN teacher/support worker 
Interested in teaching a child, young person or adult to read
Teach reading and writing together with this very simple, easy to use, tried and tested approach which works for all learners - boys as well as girls, children for whom English is a second language, children who have previously had difficulty with learning to read . . . and for adults too.  It works for everyone because it caters for auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles. 
Once a child or adult can read, the door to the whole world of learning and opportunity is wide open to them.  Unlock the mystery of language with this proven, fun approach.   
5 Step Process
1.  Discover the 42 sounds of the English language
2.  Learn how to blend the sounds to read smoothly and       
3.  Practise formation of letters to begin writing
4.  Find out how to separate the sounds in words to write and 
     spell accurately
5.  Identify which words don't follow the rules and obtain 
     strategies for learning to read and spell them.
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