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Testimonials from Schools

"Thank you for delivering CPD training in Jolly Grammar to our staff on our INSET day. They have left inspired and excited about trying out lots of the activities you showed us." Headteacher.

"This was exactly the training needed to give our staff a comprehensive and thorough approach to language teaching. Everyone enjoyed the Twilight session very much. Thank you, Clare." Headteacher.

Testimonials for Jolly Phonics Courses


"Very informative. Great use of resources. It has given me lots of amazing ideas for lessons". Ursula, Teacher.  

"Fantastic course with a wonderful presenter. Clare is full of knowledge and answered many questions which reassured me that my teaching is correct."

Amanda, Teacher.

"An excellent course. Thank you. Very helpful, clearly presented and full of fun ideas!" - Lucy, Teacher.

"Brilliant course, informative and highly practical. Clare was excellent." Hannah, Teacher.

"A thoroughly enjoyable day with some new ideas to take back to my classroom. Many thanks." - Nicola, Teacher.

"I would recommend this course for all probationers." Amanda, Teacher.

"Thank you! You gave me lots of practical, hands-on ideas!" - Susan, Teacher.

"Well-organised and paced . . . very informative." - Maria, Teacher.

"Really enjoyed the course. Felt reassured that what we are doing at our school is on track." - Fiona, Teacher.

"Super day! As a new P1 teacher it was extremely helpful." - Ros, Teacher.

"A useful, encouraging day, which allowed pause for thought in how to maximise the use of the scheme." - Vincent, Teacher.


Testimonials for National Literacy Trust Courses With Parents

"My favourite aspect was the chance to talk to Thomas on a 1:1 basis. It has made me realise Thomas will read what he wants to read rather than what I choose." - Jane, Mum to Thomas.

"This made me think about making time to enjoy reading." - Mary, Mum to Mollie.

"I like books and wanted to spend time with Natalia. It would encourage me to let her choose her own books." - Petra, Mum to Natalia.

"Liam enjoyed choosing books he wanted. This has re-affirmed what I was doing." - Gillian, Mum to Liam.

"Lauren loves books and I do too. I now think more about Lauren actually choosing her own books." - Carrie, Mum to Lauren.

"She has picked up books more - especially those she has chosen herself." - Donna, Mum to Iona.

"The girls are reading a lot." - Billy, Grandfather to Brogan and Stevie.

"The highlight for us was the time together and I am now more focussed on books suited to Rose's stage." - Tricia, Mum to Rose.

"Dylan is now reading more instead of watching TV. He loved the library treasure hunt." - Mandy, Mum to Dylan.

Testimonials for Jolly Grammar Courses

"Very good training. Exceptionally useful info and resources which will impact my school immediately." - Matt, Teacher.

"Excellent presentation with great practical ideas for lesson plans." - Leigh, Teacher.

"Very well-organised, interesting and instructive. Thank you!" - Jane, Teacher.

"A great course with an abundance of ideas for active methodology." - Nicola, Teacher.


"Great presenter and the activities we participated in were superb to transfer into your class context." - Fiona, Teacher.

"Fantastic! Lots of great ideas, practical advice and tips!" - Ashleigh, Teacher.

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